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Individual Equitable Access License

Although the Equitable Access Policy applies only to UMD faculty, all members of the UMD community may participate in efforts to provide equitable access to research and scholarship by signing UMD’s Individual Equitable Access License (“Individual License”). Under the terms of the Individual License, UMD affiliates agree to grant the University a non-exclusive license to  Author Approved Manuscripts, under the same terms as the faculty policy.

Because UMD faculty are already covered by the institutional Equitable Access Policy License, the Individual License is for non-faculty researchers, including administrators and other staff members, postdoctoral researchers and instructors, fellows, and students.

The License works best when implemented before authors sign publishing contracts. For that reason, we encourage interested authors to sign Individual License soon, or before they publish their next scholarly article. Remember, even after you have signed an Individual License, you can obtain an automatic waiver for any given work.

No. Authors only need to sign the Individual License once during their  career at University of Maryland, not once per paper. The license will remain valid for as long as the author is affiliated with UMD.

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